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About Un

Unn is one of the most important municipal cities that is located in the district of Surat which is situated in Gujarat. This city comes under the Metropolitan Region of Surat. Unn should be visited by the tourists if they are coming to Gujarat.

Geography of Un

Unn is situated at 21.11 degrees North and 72.85 degrees East. The elevation of the city of Unn is around 17 meters or 131 feet. It has a total area of around 4 square kilometers. The city lies in close proximity to the Arabian Sea. This is why the weather tends to remain humid throughout the year. The cities that are situated very close to Unn are Navsari, Surat, Ankleshwar, and Valsad.

Demography of Un

According to the Indian Census of the year 2001, Unn is known to have a population of around 28,761 people. Males constitute almost 65 percent of the total population while the females are known to constitute the rest 35 percent. The rate of literacy in the city of Unn is around 69 percent. It is considered a lot higher than the literacy rate of the country which is around 59.5 percent. The literacy rate of the males are around 76 percent and that of the females is 56 percent. The population that is below the age of six years constitute around 14 percent of the total population. The local language of this place is Gujarati.

Transportation in Un

Unn is connected to different parts of the city and the States with the rail and road transports that are available.

Rail Transport

The nearest railway station to the city of Unn is the Bhestan Railway Station and the Sachin Railway Station. The major railway station which is known to connect Unn with the other cities is the Railway Station of Surat. This railway station is situated around 11 kilometers away from Unn.

Tourism in Un

Unn is very popular because of the various sightseeing places that are here. Tourists from all over the country and Gujarat come down to witness the beautiful places. This place is a beautiful combination of all the trekking spots, hill stations, wild sanctuaries, etc. that are situated in and around here. This place is perfect for the weekend getaways.

The ISKCON Temple

The ISKCON temple is one of the best places for the people who want to achieve a peace of mind. It is a beautiful place to spend a lot of time with the family. The temple is very holy and it belongs to Lord Krishna and Radha. Devotees of Krishna come to this place to be a part of the kirtans and the beautiful ambience that is here.

The Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium

The Jagdishchandra Bose Aquarium is very famous and it is a perfect place for the kids and the people who are interested in aquatic animals. There is an exotic variety of fishes and other kinds of aquatic animals that are found here. The aquarium is a must visit for everyone.

The Chintamani Jain Temple

The Chintamani Jain Temple is a sacred pilgrimage of the Jains. All the devotees flock down to this temple to give offerings to the Lord and to seek his blessings. The place is very calm and beautiful. Tourists can visit this place with their entire family. The place should definitely be visited by all the nature lovers and the people who have an interest in photography.

There are many places in Unn that should be visited by the tourists because of the beauty and rich history that the place has.

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